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Enemies: Gone Suburban



Jump face-first into this chunky funky asinine spin-off shooter from the folks over at Lollygag Labs!

With round-by-round survival-type gameplay, you'll have to fend off waves of the immersed (citizens who have been turned into mindless zombies by corporate greed!) while also trying to get cool weapons such as the Cola Canon or a pistol with another pistol glued to the top!

If you got what it takes to kick ass and look swanky while doing it then get ready to jump in Redundan-City and destroy the Lollygag Labs tower to save your and the entire city's bacon!!


Start out with a pistol and collect new guns from fallen enemies, upgrading as you go for bigger and badder weapons!

Collect cards to purchase said weapons alongside buying towers to chip away at the health of the Lollygag Labs building (the source of the "cube zombies")

Survive endless waves of increased difficulty and discover new enemies, bosses, and objectives as you go

In need of some extra power or bonus cash? Explore the city and open safes for some extra $$$ and open chests to pack an even bigger punch of power

Win the game when you destroy the Lollygag Labs building or lose it when you're overwhelmed by your enemies

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  • Operating System: Windows 7

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