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ICONIC (2020)


ICONIC is a small single developer project, where you are an arrow icon, navigating a 2D environment of visual communication without words. The project is arcade style with obstacles to test: how fast can you clear all the levels, or can you clear them all with just a handful of lives?

Created by A Single Developer:

All core gameplay, Art, Animation, and Programming are by a single developer.

- Music by John Naeder


  • Adventure & Random Mode.
  • A calming minimalistic art style free of noise and distraction.
  • 15-second to 1-minute micro-levels for quick gameplay.
  • Level completion & time tracking for each playthrough.
  • A variety of traps, tricks, obstacles & puzzles.
  • 19 Levels total - a short experience!

Almost no sound effects have been implemented into the game.

A World of Visual Communication:

ICONIC features gameplay without text-based language, the experience is communicated directly through forms of visual display to help the player progress. Colors are used sparingly to indicate importance or to catch the eye and offer hints where the focus should be directed.

The simplicity and minimalism are intentional and based on the concept of "Lagom" which roughly translates to "Not too little, not too much" in Swedish.

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  • Operating System: Windows 10

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