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Inner Abyss


You play as Damian; a disgraced Knight Templar forcefully bound to a powerful entity. Together you hunt underground, demon-worshipping cults in a grimdark city. To defeat the cultists you will have to use your combat skills and supernatural abilities to stop them before they summon terrible creatures into our world.

A challenging third-person combat game. Strong enemies and low health and resources can make it feel like the odds are against you. However, by utilizing various combos and using timing and the strategy you can swiftly disperse anything or anyone in your way. Explore a dark gothic environment to uncover Red Haven's secrets, and find hidden paths along the way. Keep in mind; those who enter the abyss, may never escape.

Engaging Flow

The combat is structured around rewarding those risk takers with good timing. Don't be shy! Find your opening and introduce them to your demon infested sword. There are very few defensive moves you can make, aside from dodging, so your best bet is trying to enter what we like to call, the flow. Chain your attacks, string them from one enemy to the other and position yourself up close and personal. You'll become a cultist slayer in no time.

Close the Distance

Malia is out for blood, be best not to keep her waiting. Activate your warp attack and blink towards a cultist to land a quick strike with style. This consumes ones of your two tokens. If your left with no tokens, you can no longer perform this move. Luckily, defeating a cultist will instantly recharge a token. In other words, be sure to finish the fights you start.

Need a boost?

Dodging will be your best bet at avoiding an attack. However, did you know that by timing your dodge right before the attack lands you can activate a perfect dodge? Doing so will light up your sword. Aside from making you look like a badass, during a limited amount of time any attacks you land on an enemy will gradually give you health. The best defense, has always been good offense.

Enter the Abyss

Inner Abyss explores a unique blend of dark gothic fantasy and the early industrial revolution. Clouds of soot dulls the city in a constant dark fog, and the streets are dotted with both oil and electric lamps desperately trying to light up the moldy brick streets. Few are the people who wander the streets, especially at night. For not only is the very air poisonous, but a brooding evil has taken hold. A dreading sense of unease taints the atmosphere - a pressure about to pop. Something is coming, and whatever it is, it’s malevolent.

An Entry-Level Soulslike

We at Paradice Entertainment are huge fans of the soulsborne genre and we believe we have captured the essence while giving it an interesting twist. Condensing all the epic highs into one blast of an experience. Contrary to the more lengthy and practice heavy playthroughs of the genre, we give a soulsborne experience to those who may not have much spare-time.

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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Free disk space: 4 GB
  • DirectX Version: 11

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