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Onigiri High School's characters are now available as cute puzzles!

Supported by UUUM, the music for the OP movie is by NMB48!

Roll the onigiri around, pile them up high, or make them bigger, and pass through various gimmicks to avoid red marks (!?). Rolling, stacking, and enlarging the onigiri, you can get the “Legendary Shake” to avoid a red mark!

How to play
Drop the onigiri and get all the salmon in the screen without falling off the screen to clear the game!

▼Onigiri Ability
When you attach rice balls of the same size with the same appearance, you can increase the size of the rice ball!

You can also do the following as you increase the size of the rice balls!
Size 2: You can stick to other rice balls.
Size 4: You can destroy wooden planks.
Size 8: It will also increase the size of onigiri that were attached to other onigiri when it increased in size.

▼ Synopsis
The “Oni-ko members” are about to get a red mark in the test.
In order to avoid a red mark, instead of studying hard, they decided to search for the “Legendary salmon” which is said to make you smarter if you eat it.

▼ Manga
If you clear the stage, you can read “Oni-ko” manga!
Enjoy the usual relaxed interaction between the Onigiris!

Recommended for!
People who like cute characters
People who like casual games
People who like puzzle games
People who want to play easy-to-use games.
People who want to feel exhilarated.
People who want to kill time.

What is Onigiri High School?
Onigiri High School is a popular video manga series on YouTube in which cute characters lead a loose high school life.

Here is a brief introduction of the unique members of Onigiri High School.

A laid-back, easy-going, and easy-going person.
He is both a comedian and a funny guy, but he is sometimes a little weak in the head.

A fashion-conscious, self-polishing onigiri.
His first name is “Usa”.

A good-natured ochan (mother) who takes care of all kinds of troublesome things.
He is a caring person and has a wide circle of friends.

A cheerful onigiri who is good at running.
His motto is “Cho-totsu-mo-shin(猪突猛進)” (go for it, go for it).

He's a bit clever, but he can see right through his flaunting of knowledge.
Not good at sports. She works hard behind the scenes.

A geek who loves Japanese history and visiting castles.
His first person is “Yo(余)” and he is a bit difficult to talk to.

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System Requirements

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  • Operating System: Windows 10 64bit
  • CPU (Processor): Intel Core i5-10200H @ 2.40GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free disk space: 150 MB

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