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SmallZ is a third person zombie survival game built by a solo developer. Form a team or survive solo in a challenging world in order to survive. There are many threats from zombies, boss zombies and other players. Build fortifications on different buildings or build your own base from scratch. There are plenty of build parts available for you to craft!

Zombies are more docile during the day, giving you a chance to loot, gather and build. During the nights, you will have a chance to loot higher tier loot from air drops… Can you get them back to your base without dying though?

The world contains a power plant that can be turned off and on to provide electricity to houses across the map.

If the powerplant power is turned off, you can use a generator to provide power to the building it is placed near.

All buildings with power have a fuse box. They require three fuses to allow electricity to flow through the building. They're usually located outside where other players would have access!

There are many unique ways of building your base.

You can fortify existing buildings using many of the fortifications you can craft. Found some wooden planks? Create some window barriers! Found some metal pipes? Add them pipes over the window to make it even harder to break in!

Don't fancy fortifying an existing building? Use the free build system to build the base you have in mind! Or extend a building using this system.

Auto turrets! These will need electrical input but will protect your base from other players and zombies! Simply place one down, power it and away it goes.

You want your base to feel like yours. Find a chair you like whilst looting? Place it in your base! There are many furniture items to make your base feel like a home.

Place a bed or sleeping bag to be able to respawn back at your base.

Base raiding can be done with any weapon that causes damage. However, there are specialized C4 explosives that are most effective at raiding.

Use the cover of the night to stop counter raiders from showing up… However, don’t alert any zombies or your raid might become challenging!

There are many vehicles to traverse the apocalyptic environment.

Vehicles can also serve as a mobile base! Found a camper van? Add armor to the vehicle and travel around the map looting and building your little camper home.

There are plenty of weapons to choose from:
- Assault Rifles
- Shotguns
- SMGs
- Rifles
- Snipers
- Pistols
- Melee

Each comes with its different strengths and weaknesses. If you are wanting to shoot from far away, a sniper would come in handy!

There are currently two types of variants of zombies... Walkers and crawlers.

Zombies become more powerful during the night which will cause more of a challenge for survivors.

Zombie bosses will spawn near high-tier loot locations and will require a strategy to take them out.

You can either scavenge buildings for food and water or go hunting. There are lots of ways to find nutrition!

There is a simple cooking system within the game. Some foods require you to cook them or you risk getting food poisoning.

A complete crafting system is within the game. To get items for crafting you will need to:
Gather (tree cutting, mining, etc.)

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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU (Processor): AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • RAM: 4096 MB
  • Free disk space: 10 GB
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

Recommended Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • CPU (Processor): AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • RAM: 8192 MB
  • Free disk space: 20 GB
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 1080

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