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On the morning of the 6th June 1944 the Western Allies began the largest seaborne invasion in the history of warfare. D-Day would mark the start of a vicious campaign to wrestle North West Europe from German control. The following months would see the ancient fields, farms and villages serve as a battleground for new, lethal weapons that would become legendary.

The Troop follows the campaign of British and Canadian forces as they face the German Heer and SS in Normandy. Take command of infantry, motorised and armoured units in desperate tactical turn-based combat against an AI opponent that is challenging and unpredictable, but fair and fallible. Play as British/Canadian or German forces across over 30 maps and 3 play modes.

Simple, complete control - The Troop embraces the best traditions of classic tabletop war gaming combined with the interactivity and excitement the digital format affords. You have complete control over your units' actions; tanks will not expose their weak side armour with unexpected pathing, hidden guns will not reveal their positions by firing prematurely, infantry will not flee inexplicably when victory is a few heroic paces away. You are free to take your time... but any mistakes are yours and yours alone.

Your AI opponent has no special knowledge and is subject to all the same rules and restrictions as you. The enemy has no fixed plan and will vary deployment and tactics with each replay.

Story mode
Follow the narrative of the campaign from D-Day, playing as a range of different units (Commonwealth and German) in different situations as history plays out across Normandy.

Skirmish mode
Choose your scenario, choose your side, choose your force, set your enemy restrictions... Play. What will the enemy bring to the fight and what tactics will they use? You'll have to wait and see, but it will not be the same as last time! Endless replayability.

Take command of a persistent force across a series of linked, historically-inspired scenarios. Losses are permanent but units that survive multiple deployments gain experience and effectiveness. 4 campaigns are available: 8th Armoured Brigade, 21st Panzer Division, 31st Tank Brigade, SS Panzer Division.

Choose your difficulty, play as you want - The Troop does not have one difficulty setting. Instead players can control a variety of features, rules and information settings to tailor their gameplay experience for the most enjoyable challenge.

A game, not a simulation - The Troop is born from a life long passion for WW2 history and turn-based games. Our aim is to give a little glimpse of that history through an enjoyable challenge. The events depicted are set in the broad reality of the historical campaigns, the missions themselves however are fictional and geared towards an enjoyable challenge rather than a strict depiction of history. We hope only to do justice to the spirit of those countless memoirs and after action reports that survive and continue to fascinate us.

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